PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk. (Warna Warni Kasih Bunda Event)

A different way to commemorate Mother’s Day; a celebration of love and joy of sharing.

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk., through its four well-known brands (Citra, Buavita, SariWangi Gold Selection and Wall’s Moo), and together with Rumah Belajar and Rumah Lukisku, appointed Alchemy to organize “Warna Warni Kasih Bunda”, an event  to commemorate “Hari Ibu”  or Mother’s Day every December 22 as an expression of gratitude, appreciation and affection for our mothers, whose importance in our families simply cannot be overemphasized.

Conducted for 10 days (December 17-27, 2009) at Grand Indonesia, this consumer event consisted of a painting exhibition, a painting experience, a painting competition, an auction, inspirational talkshows from each brand and interesting activities in each brand booth. The funds raised from the sales and auction were donated to the Nanda Dian Nusantara Foundation, which is dedicated to helping street children.

We also held a media conference that was formally opened by Dr. Setiawati MSc. – the Deputy Minister for Women’s Life Quality Improvement from the State Ministry for Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection. “A memorable and unique event to appreciate our mothers; a very exciting pastime also to spend our holiday”, was one of the many encouraging comments that we received from the visitors and media. The overall event was characterized by the large variety of interesting activities. “Warna Warni Kasih Bunda” was exceptionally rewarding since it was Alchemy’s first big joint effort to bring together the three divisions: public relations, creative design and event management.

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