SariWangi (Mari Bicara (Let’s Talk) Campaign)

Once you get married, you’ll find all the awesome (or sometimes awful) truths about your spouse. TALK about them over tea time! Yes, it does work.

This campaign highlights the absolute necessity of effective communication between husbands and wives at the most conducive moment. It is a social program that inspires, heightens awareness and encourages women to initiate better communication with their spouses to convey their aspirations.

The SariWangi Mari Bicara or “Let’s Talk” campaign was initiated as a response to the predefined roles that women are forced to accept in society. Most Indonesian women believe that to be a good woman, she must be submissive, servile and meekly submit to her spouse as the head of the family. However, as women’s roles have become more dynamic in modern society, they are now more independent and thus have more alternatives to bring changes into their lives. These circumstances have provided women with the means to steer their spousal relationships toward more positive directions.

SariWangi works with other relevant parties, such as marriage counselors, one of whom stated that conducive moments, such as the “tea moment”, can be maximized by couples to communicate in a warm ambiance. “So many women find obstacles in discussing their aspirations with their spouses, but the key is communication, because dissension within a marriage and relationships are usually caused by bad communication”.

Alchemy is honored to have been involved in this campaign since its launch in 2008.  Support has also been provided by the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection for the last three years. In fact,  “Let’s Talk” has become the talk of the town, popularized through media events, radio talkshows, consumer events, social media and a website ( We have also received positive responses that this campaign has had a lasting, positive influence on couples’ married lives.